Emergency 2013

Eucalyptus, Steel, Fencing wire, Turf
Emerging Forms – Various dimensions
Land Area 100m x 30m


“Yet there thrives another language amongst the plants, amongst the geology of millennia, in the elements that have existed, earthen, since the inception of time…”

So embedded is it in all matter, that the thread is indecipherable to human perception. The modes of action between humans and the wider world of living forms are vastly contrasting. Yet are we not of the earth ourselves?

The human phenomenon is certain to be shocking the earth ecosystem and bringing change at an accelerating pace. The alarm bells are ringing in many quarters, and even the earth’s crust is readjusting with great jolts and fissures erupting… Is this to be viewed as another form of comfort? Is this simply another form of change taking the path of least resistance?

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