Environment IV 2018

Corten Steel
2.5m High x 15m x 15m


Environment IV stems from the script writing of words written across the landscape.  The five forms that make up the sculpture hint at remnant letters from the word ‘environment’, there is also an asterisk which often describes the more relevant meaning after the word has been ‘implied’,  but now the steel letters appear to have been wrought asunder by great unknown force.  

The steel forms have become purely sculptural.  The word ‘environment’ is no longer legible. 

The arrangement of the shapes in the landscape brings adults and children alike close in to explore and engage physically with the work. Constructed of 25cm x 25cm square section corten steel, with 10mm steel rod on all corners, the serpentine forms are very ‘user friendly’.  The ideas within can be suggestive of the wild forces of nature, wrecking and burying  – yet they can be purely energising and  playful at once.

This sculpture is suited to presentation on green lawn areas or on more paved, urban surfaces with equal effect of force, of space and of mystery….

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