Gum Nuts 2010

“Ours is the first ever civilisation to see the earth as a global home…” Marcus Tatton 2010


A series of sphere forms of wood are shaped and hollowed with the chainsaw to place amongst a living landscape. Rough textured, straight off the chainsaw, the spheres are mounted using galvanised steel plates with spigots that thread into flange housings in the footings.

Carved from wind thrown Pinus Radiata in Tasmania, the forms are CCA pressure treated for long term exposure to exterior elements, and then Danish oiled to produce a rich brown/ green patina….

The largest sphere form is 1.6m diameter and the smallest is .24 of a meter. Tatton has carved 10 Globoids so far… ‘These sculptures are suited to integration in urban settings of concrete and hard environments as well as more natural spaces’…

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