Trophy 2005

Carved Eucalyptus Obliqua, Steel, Sandstone.
2750mm x 2050mm x 1800mm (diameter)
Private Collection.


Carved from a 6 tonne log section of solid Eucalyptus log in a SW Tasmanian logging coupe, the vessel form is hollowed on site by chainsaws of various sizes to an average wall thickness of 25mm.

After chainsawing the form in the forest from, the vessel was transported to the studio for kiln drying over 4 months. Then the work was stabilised with stainless steel bands let into the base and rim, and welded tight. After oiling the work was taken to Sydney for its debut. Trophy spent 6 weeks in Sydney then went back to Tasmania. After a year it was leased to a park in Sydney and several attempts were made at buying the work, and they didn’t eventuate after 3 years. The lease expired and the work was in transit to Tasmania once again.

As the work travelled to Melbourne via the Mornington Peninsula, it was spotted by a collector on the trailer, bought and installed within an hour…

The process of creating Trophy took 3 years and it was eventually sold 5 years after its debut in Bondi.

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