Commissioning an Artwork

Marcus Tatton designs and creates artworks for Urban Public Spaces, for Private Sculptural outdoor environments, and for spaces in between. Artworks range from sensitive ephemeral interventions to large scale monumental structures, depending on the human context and natural environment.

Stage 1.

Marcus begins an artwork commission by meeting with a prospective client or committee and presenting images of sculptural interventions in many varied contexts from around the world.  Discussions are based around what format would work for a proposed artwork site and its social environment.
The client provides up to 10% of the artwork budget as a non refundable creative proposal fee. This fee is absorbed into the costs of production if the project is realised. Through several community meetings and stakeholder consultations Marcus interprets discussions into his unique visual language.  A portfolio of 3 creative proposals is developed throughout the discussions, and presented to the stakeholders as digitally rendered images where the proposed sculptures are digitally placed into the specified artwork environment…

Artist sketch to begin concept development

Stage 2.

Once a proposed artwork from the portfolio is selected, engineering, planning, and safety considerations are researched, which then transfer into careful budget analysis.  Models and shop drawings are developed and personnel selected for quotations for services.
On committing to the project both parties may use a contract to define roles in the Artwork development and production.   Depending on the scale of the project considerations of copyright, insurance, maintenance and even decommissioning may be defined.

Digital rendition for concept visualisation

Stage 3.

Production of the artwork can be directed by Marcus either from his Tasmanian studio or outsourcing processes closer to the projected installation site of the sculpture…   Marcus commits to providing regular updates to the client, involving the committee and stakeholders at every stage. Marcus’ secret ingredient to the success of his sculpture productions to date has been his care in communication.

‘Ronan’s Abstract’ Risdonvale, Tasmania 2012

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