I AM 2011

A Sculpture Surround for the 21st Century Consumer.


As I have been travelling the world with all the resources I want at my fingertips, I have become quite opinionated. I am becoming better at saying no to all the offers coming my way, and these days, I can simply get whatever I want. I surround myself with my own special choices. They adorn my person. In fact, without my entourage of yeses and nos, who AM I?

I AM is a grouping of tick forms and crosses standing in a landscape. The forms stand over 2 meters high with concealed steel brackets that hold the forms upright in the ground. The brackets allow the forms to rotate as people wish to change the orientation of one, or all the pieces. Just one of the units is made of Tasmania’s precious endemic icon Huon Pine. The others are treated with CCA to enable all the units to withstand extreme weather conditions for decades. They are all painted with exterior acrylic house paints.

There are 10 forms that make up this sculpture. Each site can demand fewer or more of these large coloured forms. The artist reserves the right to place the sculpture in situ himself.

© Copyright - Marcus Tatton - All rights reserved