Stacks and Architecture

Stacks are rising as ephemeral echoes, somewhere between the forest and the home. Stacks are deriving from the falling of towers, dissected and then catalogued for the passing of air and time.  Stacks grow themselves above leaf litter and damp earth again, but this second state is cracking and shrinking contrasting turgid fecund living tree forms.  Yet stacks are hollow and broad with spaces for habitation between roof and earth.  The rains are shed from pitch to footprint as if shingles passing droplets from edge to split face….

Are these stacks marking the memory of specific towered trees?  Are there rooves, a stump nearby… perhaps within the hollow form of stacked tree parts…   and does a stacked form provide some shape of the fallen effigy, making it, in its standing place of some years, live on?

These are houses for snakes, scorpions, bats and definitely for fairy wrens. Is it a home for humans?

I have seen children with a cubby door and tea party inside, excellent for bird watching.

And there have been big people’s homes with cordwood walls, pugged and thick for insulation…

Whatever the life form we be  – where ever the place we may live –  you can be sure nearby, there will always be a stack of wood…

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