Coolamon 2007

Eucalyptus, carbon, concrete, steel..
4200 x 1600 high x 2200mm.

This work was first exhibited in Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2007. The form was carved from a bulldozed 400 year old Eucalyptus Obliqua in South West Tasmanian’s renown forest coupes. After the coupe was burnt, Tatton scouted the 100 hectare coupe to source the material for his next creation.

Carving for a week, the form emerged as confluence allowing for the structural qualities of the tree and the initial vision of the artist.

The work was larger than expected and it took all the forest worker’s levers and pulleys to extract the 1500kg form from the forest.

As the initial vision was to cradle the ancient wood form on a pile of demolition concrete, a steel frame to elevate the coolamon form was constructed at the studio.

When in Bondi the artist sourced the demolition concrete from the Bondi Hotel site.


It may seem that it is only a factor of brief time before our current endeavours will be sidelined to the annals of history, and that the plant kingdom will again triumph over the lands we now exploit.

The indigenous cultures of the world, living close to the land, sustain the balance of life well beyond our own civilised episode. Yet we are still no closer to recognising the value of the untouched world, the value of doing nothing to diminish the once natural web of life.

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