Ronan’s Abstract 2012

A community Public Sculpture Project


Clarence City Council selected Marcus Tatton as the artist to facilitate the design and production of a sculpture for Duke Park in the heart of Risdonvale, Tasmania.

Tatton liaised with primary and Secondary Schools, the Neighbourhood Centre, the Senior Citizens, shop owners and playgroup members to run workshops about public art and to make drawings and models of possible sculptures for Duke Park. The process of deciding on a sculpture was narrowed down to two popular designs. Computer generated photos and maquettes were made and passed around the stakeholders.

After 3 months of discussions, the drawing of a 10 year old primary school student Ronan Walker was selected. This was chosen for its uplifting nature and its abstract and imaginative qualities; the community was most interested in sculptural intrigue rather than in having a furniture or pragmatic fixture.

Tatton worked with students and street kids to fabricate the sculpture. The school welding facilities were openly provided for the community to watch progress, and several young people developed their skills in bending, welding and grinding steel.
The sculpture was too big to get on a truck to install in Duke Park. The distance was 600meters from the workshop to the Park. There were overhead electricity wires to avoid, traffic to manage and even trees to trim… Tatton designed a series of wheel jockeys to attach to the sculpture allowing for the work to be towed without the extra height of a truck tray.
Clarence City Council provided permits and personnel allowing for a smooth operation on the day of installation. As with all artistic pursuits, the process was unchartered and a little nerve wracking, but through this unknowing (and with careful planning), the results can often be most satisfying.

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